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A Fractional CDO can uplift your organization


Many see DEI work as something extra that is added to their daily climb. But what if we examine your current steps and see what we might do differently or better, without adding many more steps?

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Possible areas in which a Fractional Chief Diversity Officer could help your organization


I typically conduct approximately 25 one-on-one interviews with employees and leadership and present themes and findings to the leaders in charge of DEI efforts. This allows us to be strategic and impactful when deciding where to start in our work together.


I’ll build a relationship of trust, then partner with existing leaders in your organization to coach them on how to be inclusive leaders through targeted, authentic communication. None of this works if it doesn’t come from the top.


I’ll work on evaluating, recommending, and creating new tools for recruiting your next generation of leaders. I can also help you develop pipeline programs so that you will have a more diverse slate of candidates to consider in the future.


I will collaborate on your strategic plan, whether that means creating one from scratch, refreshing one that you already have, or ensuring that all action items are specific and achievable.


I will conduct targeted and tailored training programs with realistic hypotheticals. I may start with leaders and expand from there.


I can help create and revise core competencies, evaluation systems, and advancement processes for all professionals.


I’ll provide insights on how best to create and structure a DEI committee and how it can be more effective.


I have extensive expertise in numerous industry awards and benchmarks, including Mansfield Certification/ Certification Plus, Women in Law Empower Forum (WILEF), and the Corporate Equality Index (CEI), and I can provide strategic leadership to help you obtain these recognitions using fewer internal resources.


I develop these programs or reconfigure existing ones so they are more effective and impactful. I can also conduct training and education on the difference between a mentor and sponsor, and how to establish a good mentor/mentee or sponsorship relationship.

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Each organization's needs differ.

Every organization is unique. That’s why there are many services not listed above that I may provide while working with various clients.

I’m in the business of examining your organization’s built-in systems and processes and looking for ways to improve those for the benefit of everyone in the workplace. Whether it’s recruitment, community engagement, communication, leadership training, or something else, your personalized DEI strategic plan can guide you in running a better organization.

Book me to conduct training or speak


Although the bulk of my work is on a retainer basis as a fractional CDO, I also conduct unconscious bias training, allyship training, and other programs on a flat-fee basis. I have conducted unconscious bias training for over 1,500 professionals in my career and presented on a number of topics including allyship and micro-inequities.

How we get started


No two organizations are alike. The benefit of bringing in a fractional chief diversity officer is that you get a customizable approach to your DEI work. I invest the time to get to know and understand your organization, so that I can truly tailor a DEI strategy that doesn’t add steps to your daily climb, but rather tightens the screws of the wood so it’s more secure to make that climb. This starts with listening. Then the real fun begins.




We’ll schedule an initial call or video meeting at no cost. I will learn more about where your organization is and what you think you might be looking for. Clients often confess that they don’t entirely know what they need, and that’s okay. We will collaborate to define a direction, as well as discuss pricing, timing, availability, and next steps.

Sometimes there is a follow-up meeting with the CEO so they get to know me and I can answer questions. From there, we execute an agreement to formalize the relationship. No client with a retainer arrangement is locked into a set number of months or years.

Because the relationship with my clients is collaborative, at any time we may agree to tackle a new priority, adjust the hours to adapt to the timing and needs of your organization, or we may wrap things up because you are now well positioned to “set sail” on your own.


Case study:



I was introduced to THK when I gave a speech at an Indiana Bar Association event. They reached out to me requesting my help to lead their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. They knew they wanted unconscious bias training, but beyond that THK wanted a professional opinion and individualized approach to their DEI efforts.


We started with an assessment. After synthesizing the assessment findings and presenting them to the firm’s leadership, I developed a DEI strategic plan. We also created and delivered a tailored mandatory 2.5-hour unconscious bias training for all professionals.


I continue to work with THK to execute their DEI strategic plan. Our relationship is a true partnership, and the work continues to evolve beyond typical DEI areas. We have worked together for almost two years, and, truth be told, I might not have had the courage to start my own business without THK’s support and encouragement.

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Time to get to work!


A fractional chief diversity officer can help your organization reach a higher level of DEI success through individualized training, coaching, and consistent evaluation of your organization’s goals. I can help you tailor that process and be your go-to, interim, or long-term diversity consultant.

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