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Kim Amrine Diversity Consultant

Kim Amrine


Over fifteen years of diversity, equity and inclusion leadership experience, tailored to the needs of your organization.

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What is a Fractional Chief Diversity Officer?


Hiring and on-boarding a full-time chief diversity officer is great. But some organizations just aren’t big enough, don’t have the budget to do so, or would like to do so but want expert guidance to create a job description, interview candidates, and on-board their new CDO. That’s where a fractional CDO comes in: someone who has experience in the field and can work as your organization’s CDO on a part-time basis, for as long as you need, doing what you need most.

Some of my clients...

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A customizable approach


There is no easy, 10-step solution to creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. Effective DEI strategies and related work must be aligned with the business and focused on key areas where there is the greatest need and the greatest opportunity. This is why I learn and understand every client’s business and organization to make their DEI strategies unique and tailored to their specific needs. Explore the different retainer options below.

Which option best fits your organization?

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Essential DEI Work


This package is ideal for smaller businesses (5-100 employees), larger businesses that are at the early stages of their DEI work, and nonprofits. You might already have DEI leadership or a committee, but time and resources are limited. This means that the time that is invested needs to be strategic and impactful. We may start with an independent assessment, conduct unconscious bias training, engage in leadership dialogue, develop a DEI strategic plan, and create or leverage a committee.

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Building Up Your DEI Strategy


This package works well for larger organizations (100-1,000+ employees) that have already begun DEI work and see the value of a chief diversity officer. You might not yet be ready to hire a full-time CDO, or you might want to see what a CDO can do before making the final decision to move forward. I can be an interim CDO for months or years, and I can help you transition to a full-time CDO. I may help a DEI committee be more engaged and effective, analyze internal data to determine where system and process adjustments must be made, present programs and initiatives to leadership for approval, and help these programs and initiatives move forward.

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Comprehensive DEI Expertise in the Workplace


This package is great for large organizations (200-5,000+ employees) that need a transitional or interim chief diversity officer. Full-time CDOs work with many aspects of the business, and I would be your go-to organizational CDO. This means assisting with everything outlined above plus collaborating directly with many leaders and departments to tailor DEI priorities, lead regular DEI programming, assist with development of community and pipeline relationships, and help mid-level leaders achieve their own strategic DEI goals.

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Why I do this work


I started my DEI professional career in 2006 as a Director of Diversity when it was a very unique role. I’ve learned a lot in the last 15 years, through my own work and through collaboration with countless DEI professionals across the country. Now I have the privilege of sharing these insights with organizations country-wide in a variety of industries. My hope is that the impact of my work may be felt more broadly than before.

Collaboration is a critical component of being a DEI professional. I enjoy collaborating with my clients and I still collaborate with other DEI professionals, too. I often partner with my friend Asker Saeed of Saeed Consulting Group. Together we can each bring different strengths to an organization’s needs. Asker has worked with many law firms and sits on the Advisory Council of the South Asian Bar Association, and his expertise is invaluable.

Kim Amrine Consulting, LLC

What clients are saying


"Kim Amrine has been consulting with my firm for almost a year and it is been a pleasure working with her. She was the keynote speaker at the firm’s annual Diversity Day where she shared powerful insights and offered suggestions as to how all employees can play a role in advancing diversity & inclusion. She is also working with the firm as we seek to achieve Mansfield Certification. She is extremely knowledgeable about this process and has helped to guide our initiatives in a very intentional way that has helped us to direct our certification efforts. Kim is responsive, creative and has been more than willing to share her considerable experience with diversity & inclusion programing in the law firm setting to advance our efforts. We look forward to working with Kim on other projects in the future and would recommend her for any firm that is seeing take their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to the next level."

- Angela W. Russell

Regional Managing Partner and the Chair of the DEI Committee

Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP

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